Artist Designed Men's Mini-Crew

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    Built upon the Trail Midweight Mini-Crew silhouette, these cushioned running toesocks prevent blisters and utilise COOLMAX® EcoMade fibres to wick away moisture. The double cuff seals out trail debris. A wider fit distinguishes these from our Women’s socks. 

    About Artist Designed

    The Artist Designed series showcases unique designs from talented artists in the outdoor community. These designs are exclusive, and each collection is created by a new artist. The Alaska collection was created by artist and expedition guide, Claire Van Winkle. These dazzling colorways are inspired by the macro and micro beauty Claire has experienced while guiding in Southeast Alaska.

    Features & Benefits

    Arch Support

    Arch Support

    Supportive band that offers a secure and stable fit.

    Blister Prevention

    Blister Prevention

    With each toe protected, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated protecting your foot from blisters & just as important, hotspots.

    Moisture Management

    Moisture Management

    Each toe is wrapped in sweat-wicking material so your foot will be drier and therefore more comfortable than in traditional socks.

    Total Foot Utilisation

    When your toes are separated, properly aligned, and splayed it distributes your weight evenly which allows your entire foot to be engaged in any athletic activity.

    Mesh Top

    Mesh Top

    Provides maximum breathability and ventilation on the top of foot.

    Fibre Content

    Fibre content: 66% CoolMax EcoMade® 28% Nylon 6% Lycra®

    Mesh Top

    Protective Cushion

    Extra cushioning on the footbed to increase foot comfort.

    Double cuff icon

    Double Cuff

    A thicker cuff to hold the sock comfortably in place while reducing chafing.

    Wash & Care

    Are your Injinji's dirty after a grueling run through the mud? It's time to wash them! To extend the life of your socks, we recommend washing all Injinji socks on delicate with cold water, followed by line drying.