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    Snow Midweight OTC NuWool

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    Blue Steel

    The Snow Series is made with NuWool Merino wool fibers to provide superior comfort and warmth during outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. The Snow Series Toesocks feature strategically placed padding in the shin area with graduated compression starting at the ankle gradually decreasing up the leg of the sock for increased warmth. Ideal for snow sports with an over-the-calf length, there is additional ankle support along with a padded heel. With separated toes, sweat-wicking is increased which will keep feet warmer and more comfortable, allowing for longer days on the slopes.

    The Snow Series is engineered with NuWool to provide superior comfort and warmth while optimising your body's strength, balance and recovery. Injinji Snow socks feature strategically placed padding and graduated compression. Injinji's anatomical 5 toed design allows your foot a full range of motion for better gripping and balance.



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    Are your Injinji's dirty after a grueling run through the mud? It's time to wash them! To extend the life of your socks, we recommend washing all Injinji socks on delicate with cold water, followed by line drying.