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    The Ultra Compression features a seamless, 200 needle count lightweight design to reduce recovery time and muscle fatigue. Whether on a training run or competing, the Ultra Compression has graduated compression starting at ankle continuing through the upper leg to aid in circulation and blood flow. The Nylon fibers make the Ultra Compression feel soft to the touch, yet durable with breathable mesh on the top of the foot and on the back of the leg. Sporting reflective strips for extra visibility, the Ultra Compression does not slip after long runs and wicks away moisture keeping your feet dry and protected‚ anywhere your shoes take you.


    Graduated compression from ankle to shin

    Lightweight 200 needle count

    Gender specific fit

    Reflective strips Seamless Mesh Top


    Shortens recovery time

    Helps reduce muscle soreness

    Promotes better circulation

    Relieves muscle fatigue

    Enhances blood flow

    Blister Prevention